One million views! (ca. October 2015)

The past year has been a beautiful blur, thanks to last summer's arrival of twin boys. My YouTube project is continuing albeit at a much slower pace now. (Side note: The hardest aspect of working slowly is not yielding to the temptation of critiquing and revising your work until you're done with it. My music composition professor in college recommended liberally pouring out creative ideas and then putting your crap detector to work when you're all done; his composition teacher, Aaron Copland, taught him that.) Right now I am wrapping up post production for a video about kinetic friction that I shot two summers ago! While production for the Teach Me channel has decelerated, the view counts have accelerated. Some of my videos are really resonating with folks and have recently propelled my channel past its first million views. This is one of the biggest milestones in my career and every time I think about helping one million people I just shake my head in disbelief. Then I see a cat video that has one hundred million views and I stop being so serious about things.