Solargraph 2013

I've assisted both physics and photography students at OCC with pinhole cameras before so when I stumbled across solargraph camera plans on the internet, I knew I had to give it a shot. (Pun intended.) The assembly couldn't be easier: photograph paper stuffed inside a can with a pinhole for sunlight. On the summer solstice I mounted my solargraph camera onto the chimney of my house facing South. On the winter solstice I removed/disassembled the camera, scanned the exposed photograph paper and inverted the scanned image - no development required. The results are impressive: a direct record of the sun's ever-descending path between summer and winter solstices... with overcast days and moments embedded right into the blazed trails of the sun. The structure depicted in the middle of the solargraph is my garage.

Solargraphy 2013.JPG